The Starry Mountain Singers


"Everyone needs to make time to get the hell outta the house and hear this rockin' bunch - your molecules WILL be rearranged."

-- Pete Sutherland of the Clayfoot Strutters

The Starry Mountain Singers are an ensemble of eight vocalists who perform a wide range of traditional music from around the United States and abroad. The group’s members are all lifelong musicians who share a deep love of traditional vocal styles and a dedication to studying and performing them.

All the members of the Starry Mountain Singers have toured extensively with the Vermont-based world-music ensembles Northern Harmony and Village Harmony, where they received an introduction to traditional songs and singing styles from around the world. In addition, members of the ensemble have worked with Meredith Monk and the Revels International, have performed on NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion and Mountain Stage, and include three members of the Brooklyn-based country band, The Sweetback Sisters.

"The Starry Mountain Singers are a group comprised of young adults who have a rare musical alchemy. The roots go deep, the soaring flies high, the pleasure of communing musically is palpable and when their chords line up, which seems to be always, the air in the room  seems to shift and rearrange. Imagine breathing that air. It's got to be healing. THIS,  I thought is what music does to ones cells and bones and spirit. GO!!!"


~Marytha Paffrath - Libana