The Starry Mountain Singers

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Hobo's Lullaby (American, by G. Reeves):

Peace of Wild Things (American, words: W. Berry, music: M. Dalglish):

Gergili (Georgian):

Bernardinu (Corsican):

Your Long Journey (American):

Bear Creek (Shape-note):

The Starry Mountain Singers' musical program features traditional songs from the United States, Bulgaria, Corsica and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, as well as original compositions from the group’s members. The American repertoire includes shape-note songs (a traditional New England song style), powerful gospel numbers, and haunting folk tunes from the Appalachians. The Georgian, Corsican and Bulgarian songs are a mixture of sacred and secular pieces that demonstrate the incredible range of unique singing traditions from those countries. Each member has contributed songs from his or her particular area of musical knowledge and expertise, resulting in a dynamic and eclectic program that will delight world-music fans and lovers of choral performance.