Nathan Morrison grew up in Vermont hearing shape-Note and Balkan music sung by his parents in the group Baley-Hazen Singers and in high school he joined Village Harmony, which is lead my his childhood neighbor, Larry Gordon. At Hampshire College he explored jazz as a religious experience, composing and playing in a small combo. He also continued to tour with Northern Harmony, visiting Germany and England. Currently Nathan lives in Asheville, NC with his wife and singing partner Suzannah, where he started his own bread business.Simple Bread

Suzannah Park comes from a family of three generations of ballad singers and storytellers and has been performing Appalachian folk music for most of her life. Her interest in traditional music of many kinds has taken her from music-filled kitchens to concert halls across the US and Europe. She began touring with VHas a young teen and has taught for them since 2000. Suzannah is known for her powerful voice and striking harmonies and her ability to inspire others with her love of music. She currently lives in Asheville, NC with her husband Nathan. More information about her solo teaching and performing at

As the story goes, Gideon Crevoshay has been singing since he could make sound. He grew up singing shape-note music with Bread and Puppet Theater and Village Harmony, and later, at Oberlin College, spent several years singing early music with Collegium Musicum. Since moving to NYC area in 2005, he has been able to expand his musical experiences into more experimental realms and has been writing and performing with several groups, including the Briars of North America and the Meredith Monk Ensemble, and works with One Beat, a world-music fellowship program run through the US State Department. 

 Jeff Fellinger has long found himself in a rich community of singing, both at home in Vermont and beyond. With family influence, his singing endeavors have included: musicals, choirs, and a cappella groups throughout all levels of schooling; long-time membership in the Burlington ensemble Social Band; shape-note singing; touring with NH; cowboy crooning in the trio Soaked Oats; half a dozen years of teaching atOoolation, a singing camp for teenagers.

Avery Book has been singing for most of his life. Over the years he has sung in and led ensembles focused on early music, contemporary a cappella, and traditional American, Balkan, Georgian, and Corsican songs. Avery’s focus these days is traditional Georgian music. He’s visited Caucasus Georgia four times recently to study with Georgian songmasters. He is a co-founder and co-coordinator of the Svan Recording Project, which will eventually publish a set of educational recordings and transcriptions of traditional Georgian music from the province of Svaneti. 

Emily Miller is rapidly becoming known around the United States and Europe as a country singer, fiddler and workshop leader. Raised in a family of old-time musicians, she received an early education in traditional American musical styles and also inherited a love of good old country music. She has performed on festival and concert stages around the world with her country band, The Sweetback Sisters as well as Northern Harmony. When not on the road, she leads a string band program for students atDavis & Elkins College in her hometown of Elkins, WV. 

Stefan Amidon  grew up singing in his own family band, The Amidons, and with Village and Northern Harmony (VH & NH). Since graduating from the Oberlin Conservatory with a degree in Jazz Performance, he has enjoyed playing drums in jazz bands big and small, with his older brother, avant/folk artist Sam Amidon and as the percussionist and at times harmony vocalist with The Sweetback Sisters. He is also the percussionist of choice for several of America’s favorite contra dance bands. Stefan has performed and taught at music and dance festivals across the country.

Zara Bode has the sound and spirit of an old school starlet. Through attending performance art high school and university, VH & NH, and now years on the road, she has gained a wealth of knowledge in a variety of musical styles including: jazz, gospel, world music, and has played the lead in many musicals. As a lead singer in acclaimed country/honky tonk group, The Sweetback Sisters, Zara brings folks to their feet at music festivals and performance venues around the world. She spends her down time as a hired gun arranging and recording background vocals.

The Starry Mountain Singers